The collection of fun coins that will pay homage to the mother of this entire universe of cryptocurrencies and NFT's.

The NFTBITCOIN21 collection has 21000 fun coins, all unique that make 3000 times the word BITCOIN.

There will be 3 series of 7 thousand nfts.

The collection will bring in its images facts that tell the history of bitcoin, facts such as pizza day, the lost HD worth billions, Satoshi Nakamoto is also remembered in the collection and other curious facts will be portrayed in the collection.

So for collectors who wish to have the full word BITCOIN in their collection, the account goes from 21000 nft's to only 3000 nft's.

The 21000 coins correspond to the 21 million bitcoins that were created. This collection follows the same line as the bitcoin coin. No new nft's will be created beyond this collection of 21 thousand nft's.

The collection will be divided into a trilogy that marked the trajectory of bitcoin!

First series "Satishi Nakamoto" the creator. It will be released on June 27, 2023.

Second series "Block Genesis" the first bitcoins mined. It will be released on December

 27, 2023.

Third series "Pizza Day" the first transaction. It will be released on June 27, 2024.

Just like Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of the collection will try to remain anonymous.

The rarest nft's will be those that bring accessories that tell the story of the mother cryptocurrency of this entire universe.

Remembering that there are 21 thousand nft's, but for the collector who wants to own the complete word there are only 3000 nft's.

Every nft in the collection is unique, accessories have been created for over 1 million different nft's.

Another very important fact for the rollers of our collection is that I already have a new project for the next collection and people who own the nft's of this NFTBITCOIN21 collection will have preference and discounts on the launch of the other collection.

Commercial rights are with the current owner of the NFT, and collection creator royalties vary between 1% and 2% depending on the rarity of the collection item.

The unique way the new collection affects the NFTBITCOIN21 collection is by making its market value go up even more! That's my goal.

The project is ready and the deadline for creating the new collection is 1 year, I intend to launch the new collection by June 2024, be sure that the next collection will be as good or even better than this one.

Name of the new collection "hands that speak". A tribute to the community that uses sign language to communicate with the world! News soon!!!!!

Our collection is a tribute to BITCOIN and has to be sold on

Launching in June 2023.